RV125 Log Splitter

log splitter- no log 

 RV125 Trailer Mounted Chipper -fitted with a Log Splitter


   See the Rivim Splitter in action in this video demonstration.



Rivim Log Splitter showing log in the position ready

to begin splitting

log splitter with log  


Rivim Splitter

Fitted onto the side of the chipper, utilising the same main shaft of the chipper is the Rivim Log splitter. This is a very efficient low cost, high performance log splitter.

The Rivim Splitter is designed like a giant wood screw that is attached to the main shaft of the chipper. when wood is pushed onto the end of the splitter, the screw thread bites into the wood drilling a hole and forcing the wood to split. As you can see in the demo video the effort required by the operator is minimal and the power required from the engine is also minimal. Splitting the wood takes literally seconds.


By harnessing the chipper's engine for power, the log splitter can split logs far faster and more efficiently than any self-powered splitters, either hydraulic or mechanical.


You can split a full days supply of wood with about 20l of fuel and chip any waste material at the same time. Use the splitter for fire wood, or use the splitter to reduce the size of logs to put through the wood chipper.


Since you already own the power supply, to add the splitter to the side of the chipper is the most cost effective wood splitter money can buy costing only a fraction of a hydraulic self powered splitter and way more efficient . Split effortlessly and quickly with the Rivim Splitter

The Rivim Splitter can outperform and effectively split wood with the least cost and least moving and wearing parts on the market, the fastest working, most efficient, convenient, safest and most economical log splitter that money can buy.


The Rivim Splitter can be mounted on any powered unit either electric, petrol or diesel on either the RV100, RV125 or Rv125 Tractor mounted Wood chipper. Or if required can be mounted onto its own stand as a standalone wood splitter with its own motor.

Ask for a demo, we have demo units available at our factory in Wynberg JHB





Rivim Wood Chippers

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Wood chippers come in various sizes depending on the complexity of the job to be done. The main importance of a wood chipper is to chip uniformity. A wood chipper’s main function is to ensure that the least possible space is taken up by piles of wood refuse. The easy transportation of the refuse to another site is another important aspect. Most manufacturers if wood chippers have a range of chippers for all the chipping needs. Wood chippers can be portable or stationary. Power is generally provided by an internal combustion engine ranging from 12 HP to 40 HP. Wood Chippers may vary in size but the blade construction is usually similar.

Safety features are inherent to most Wood Chipping machines. Portability and storage factors of wood chippers also play an important aspect in the making of a wood chipper. Rivim Engineering keep all these in mind while manufacturing their RV Wood Chippers and implements, whether it is for residential use or large commercial use.


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